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Future-watching, market sensing, environment scanning. Vital knowledge management, but difficult when you’re short on time and overloaded with information and data. You may need in-depth technical briefings or an overview of an area of interest. You may want regular competitor profiles or a one-off report and analysis. Too busy to go to that conference? Ask Nuvistix.
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Are your ideas exciting and realistic, yours alone, aligned with what you can provide and with what customers will want in future? Can you free-up time by efficient decision making? We can deliver training in business-orientated creativity including Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats®. This powerful, easy to use thinking tool will transform the way you deal with issues, create ideas and develop them ... efficiently and effectively.
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Have you got a clear view of where you’re targeting your R&D? Are you making good use of the many sources of external funding available? Have you optimised your platform for innovation? A survey of knowledge management within your organisation may be appropriate. To support new products with technical information, we can work with partners to produce multi-media technical marketing support materials.
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Competitor profiles
Six thinking hats
New product targeting
Knowledge management
Technical marketing
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